AUTOPSY SERVICESMORGUE [Not available due to COVID-19 restrcitions]
This service serves as a way to pinpoint the cause and circumstances of death for families and professionals. There are often questions regarding exact cause of death on someone that could affect the future health of family members. The autopsy can help detect major findings about a person's condition that had not been suspected when the person was alive.

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Medicolegal services involves the evaluation and information to identify the manner in which a death has occurred. This consists of an investigation that can include but are not limited to; reviewing of all medical and legal reports and photos; personal interviews with medical providers, law enforcement officials and witnesses; reconstruction of scene for analysis, when applicable. This service provides an objective opinion to the events leading up to the cause and manner of death.

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This is a complete service in all phases of forensic pathology. It includes but is not limited to: wound and instrument interpretation and correlation of deceased and living individuals; the effects of certain drugs and resultant behavior; estimation of the time of death or injury; consultation of unattended fetal deaths; sound and impartial forensic medical documentation and testimony for criminal and civil litigation.

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FORENSIC TECHNICIAN SERVICES [Not available due to COVID-19 restrcitions]

Northwest Autopsy Services provides experience in autopsy assisting in the field of forensic pathology. Our technicians are familiar with all aspects of autopsy and morgue procedures. They are conscientious and immaculate in their work. The technicians are available to clinical and forensic pathologists within the hospital, private, or Medical Examiner/Coroner system. NAS provides the technicians with their own tools and equipment, if desirable.

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