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Autopsy FAQ

Why would I need your services?

The death of a family member is a very emotional time for anyone. Most of us have the need to fully understand the reasons why a death occurred. This is especially important when death is unexpected or may relate to possible unknown factors. Emphasis Technography provides the answers you need, allowing a step toward emotional closure, resolving unknown medical questions or gathering evidence for possible future legal claims.

Is your service the same as provided by the coroner, medical examiner or hospital?

No. Emphasis Technography gives you an independent objective report of the cause, manner, and circumstances of death through investigation and forensic autopsy.  We focus our investigation specifically for our client's needs, while jurisdictional or legal constraints may limit the coroner, medical examiner or hospital on how extensively they can pursue an investigation.  We provide an in-depth investigation designed to answer your questions.

Is an autopsy always required?

No. Depending on what issues surround the death, an investigation of the circumstances, facts and scene of death may answer your questions. Experienced medical investigators conduct these investigations.

Who is Emphasis Technography?

Emphasis Technography is a licensed, bonded and insured private investigation agency, specializing in the objective investigation of death and injury. We are a privately owned company, solely providing forensic investigative services. We have no affiliation to any hospital or governmental agency. Our clients include private individuals, coroners' offices, life insurance companies and attorneys. Frank Sebastian, the founder and President/General Manager of Emphasis Technography has more than twenty years of experience in medicolegal death investigation.

Who conducts your investigation and autopsy services?

Specially trained medical investigators conduct investigations. Our medical investigators each have more than ten years of experience in death investigation with major metropolitan medical examiners' offices. Our pathologists are independent physicians with Board Certification in Forensic Pathology and have many years of experience exclusively performing forensic autopsies. All of our personnel are qualified to provide testimony in any legal proceeding, if needed.

Where would you conduct the autopsy?

Generally, our pathologist and a technician will conduct the procedure at the funeral home where the decedent is. An autopsy is done under strict medical guidelines, similar to an operating room. We maintain the respect and privacy of the decedent throughout the procedure. The decedent is not visibly disfigured and viewing after the procedure is possible.

What do you do in an autopsy?

For the most thorough results, we recommend a complete autopsy. The Forensic Pathologist visually examines each organ and system of the body, and microscopic examination is made of certain tissues. This provides for the diagnosis of the primary and any secondary disease processes or traumatic injuries. In cases where only the diagnosis of a specific issue is needed, we can limit the examination to select organs or systems. An example of an organ specific examination is the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

How long after the death can you conduct an autopsy or investigation?

We must perform an autopsy, for the best results, before embalming or other aftercare procedures. Calling us as soon as possible is important, in order for our medicolegal consultant to work with your funeral director on preserving certain biomedical specimens and evidence. A field investigation can be initiated anytime, however we obtain best results when we interview witnesses and others with knowledge of the facts as soon as possible.

What documentation do you provide and how soon will I have the results?

We verbally report to you at the conclusion of the autopsy, followed by a comprehensive written report. We provide the preliminary autopsy report within three days of the procedure. If microbiological, toxicological or laboratory studies are needed and performed, we provide reports to you when we receive the results. A final autopsy report, including the Forensic Pathologist's opinion is provided at the conclusion of the case.

We provide written investigative reports throughout the investigation. Documents obtained during the investigation, such as medical records, witness statements, police and coroner reports, scene diagrams and photos, are included with our investigative reports. All of our reports, both autopsy and investigative, are written in an objective, factual and easy to understand format. Our staff is always available to explain or discuss our reports.

What do I need to do now?

Call 253-891-0776. A medicolegal consultant will answer your questions without obligation. If we can help you, we will discuss the expected costs and procedures immediately. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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